MultiCall Call Center
The product is client/server and Windows 2000/XP/2003 based and includes:
MultiCall Server - enables customers to match an incoming call to a profile from an ODBC or SQL database to ensure that all calls are answered by the right person with a personalized touch.
MultiCall Designer - enables call center managers to build custom call scenarios or scripts through an easy to use drag and drop development environment. Designer's rapid development capabilities enable quick application development allowing businesses to keep pace with changing market environments.
MultiCall Agent - is a desktop client that gives call center agents powerful control over PBX functions. MultiCall Agent makes it possible to integrate agent functions seamlessly into the MultiCall.
MultiCall Administration - is a fully integrated administration console for the call center management. It provides detailed statistics, reports and online status of all agents. It is a productivity management tool for call center manager.
Intelligent Call Distribution (ICD): ICD provides enhanced automatic call distribution services. The caller is identified, the purpose of call ascertained, and automatically distributed to the correct Power Agent.
Intelligent Outbound Dialing (IOD): IOD provides Automatic Preview/Progressive Dialing to a list of customers. The system supports several simultaneous Campaigns by assigning each Agent to one of the Campaigns.
Intelligent Call Routing (ICR): For enhanced PBX/ACD routing, it provides intelligent call routing based on DNIS, CLI, time, date and client tables.
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