MultiCall Agent
MultiCall Agent is a small footprint desktop telephony client that gives your call center agents the power to manage calls through an easy-to-use and fully-configurable GUI-based user interface.
MultiCall Agent
With MultiCall Agent your agents have access to the features and functions of your PBX and MultiCall applications, including:
  • Login/logout/break/wrap
  • Answer/Hung-up/hold/retrieve
  • Call conference/supervisor assistance - with matching screen pop
  • Transfer call to available agents /experts - with matching screen pop
  • Dial out/call-back
  • Voice pop [on-demand voice response]
  • Call log [on-demand call recording]
MultiCall Agent
Empowering the call center agent
MultiCall Agent empowers the agent to handle the call the way they feel best serves the callers needs. For example, after answering the call, the agent might feel he needs the expertise of an in-house specialist. Before transferring he call, he might open his personal information manager and record what information he was able to provide the customer before he transferred the call. The screen pop goes with the call so the specialist can see the same customer profile that the agent saw.
How does it work?
MultiCall Agent is a Windows-based client application working in a client/server environment with MultiCall Server. MultiCall Agent works in conjunction with your client application to display information on an agents desktop. This information, or screen pop, may contain identifying details about the calling party, such as name, account number or other important information. MultiCall Agent enables the agent to manage the call, whether setting up a conference call with other specialists in the company or transferring the call along with its caller information and supporting database screens - to another agent or specialist. And because MultiCall Agent supports dynamic data exchange, or DDE, the agent can access any Windows-based database, such as ACT, Access, and many others.
System Highlights
  • Windows NT/2000 operating system
  • Mliti-threading architecture
  • Support for standard APIs
  • Open architecture
  • TSAPI, CT-Connect, TAPI CTI links
  • ODBC/SQL database access
  • TCP/IP, RS-232 communications
  • Integrated CTI and IVR
  • Integrated voice processing menus for: digit collection
  • Queue position announcements
  • Built-in error checker
  • Online help
Preconfigured Call Center Applications
Preconfigured call center applications are available from MultiCall, including:
  • Intelligent call routing for enhanced PBX/ACD routing
  • Intelligent call distribution-to support the informal call center
  • Intelligent outbound dialling/callback/call blending
  • WebConnex for Web-initiated call me requests
  • Wide area CTI for distributed call centers
  • Fully featured interactive voice response unit
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