Intelligent Call Routing
MultiCall Intelligent Call Routing (ICR) enhances a PBX/ACD or a stand alone ACD system usually found in formal call center organizations. ICR does this by expanding the range and flexibility of the ACD system to fit specific business requirements.
Pre-determined routing decisions may be altered by automatically routing calls based on routing rules, real-time telephony event information or on-line customer data base information. Calls may be routed to various destinations in the call center, including ACD groups, individual extensions, off-site agents and IVR ports. Routing criteria includes time-of-day, day-of-week, dialled number, or caller ID.
For example when a power outage occurs a public utility receives utility outage reports with information about the areas and phone numbers that have been affected, MultiCall application can be configured to route incoming calls from affected customers to the IVR for information about the outage. And only customers affected by the outage will be routed to the IVR for specific information. This is all done automatically, without ever interfering with other incoming customer calls and without any supervisor, administrator or agent intervention.
Routing Criteria include:
  • Time of day
    • example: day / night / peak hours
  • Day of week
    • example: weekday / weekend / holiday
  • Dialled number (DID, DNIS)
    • example: software / hardware, sales / tech support
  • Caller ID: type routing, class of service, dynamic routing based on on-line access to customer database
    • examples: commercial / residential customer, regular / VIP customer, credit / debit balance in customer account
  • ACD data: agent availability, queue length, average wait time
  • External data: dynamic routing based on on-line access to external databases
    • examples: weather conditions, traffic delays, stock index
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