Intelligent Outbound Dialling
MultiCall Intelligent Outbound Dialling (IOD) helps you maximize agent work time by making outbound calls so you can actively solicit customers and increase sales. Whether in preview, progressive or predictive modes IOD can help you increase the productivity of your workgroup, decrease the dialling error rate, and raise the ever important talk quotient.
In preview mode, the system automatically dials a number from a call list - either from an agent’s “click” of a DIAL button on the screen or after a preset delay (unless cancelled by the agent).
In progressive mode, a call is generated from a call list whenever an agent logs in or at the end of a previous call.
In predictive mode a call-pacing algorithm places calls from a list that has been defined by one of several such algorithms, including prediction of agent availability, average call time in current campaign, or user defined over dialling level for a given day/time/zone.
You can also offer higher levels of customer care by reaching out to customers who hang up while waiting for someone to answer their call. MultiCall Abandoned Call Call-back stores caller ID number and when call volume decreases will automatically dial the number of the caller who hung up, allowing you to reconnect with someone who may have been an existing customer or a new sale.
When you combine proactive outbound calling/automatic call-back with inbound call management functions like ICR and ICD, you are “call blending” in your call center. In call blending, agents may be logged on in a “dual mode” status and switched from outbound to inbound campaigns based on real time activity and user defined thresholds. Call blending is designed to ensure that you maximize your ability to connect with existing and potential customers to provide the best in customer care and to fully leverage your call center resources.
MultiCall IOD also features a full complement of real-time monitoring functions including call log, agent and trunk activity and campaign and agent call disposition. IOD provides a full suite of queries, graphs and reports on historical performance of IOD groups and individual agents.
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