MultiCall Server
Introducing MultiCall Server, the cornerstone product of MultiCall application suite. MultiCall Server is the core technology that provides the communications link between a PBX (private branch exchange) system and computer system. MultiCall Server resides on a Windows 2000/XP Pro/2003 server and communicates with a PBX and computer network via TCP/IP messaging. MultiCall Server
This ability is called Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and is the link that enables your call center application software to understand and use telephony communications commands. MultiCall is a powerful new technology that gets results. For instance, when a call comes into a company, MultiCall Server engages the interactive voice response (IVR) system to screen the incoming call. Once the calling party’s digit or account information has been collected by the IVR, the information is compared with files stored in the corporate database. After matching the caller to a file in the database, both the call and the database information are transferred to the person in the company best qualified to assist the caller.
What’s The Difference?
The only difference customers will notice is how great the service has become. They’ll notice that they’re speaking to the same person they spoke with last time or they’ll notice that they don’t have to keep giving the same information to representatives if their call is transferred.
How Can We Do It?
MultiCall Server distinguishes itself by incorporating voice processing, intelligent inbound call management and outbound campaign support on a single integrated applications server. It is designed to enhance the call-flow management of PBX ACD-based call centers as well as offer full routing and distribution functions for informal workgroups.
By tightly integrating these traditionally separate functions, MultiCall delivers a sophisticated call and caller information management system that provides full-featured and fully-integrated computer-telephony applications solutions for emerging and mid-size call centers. This approach provides an extremely cost-effective solution while greatly reducing system integration and services issues.
MultiCall Server can be combined with MultiCall Designer to develop custom call center applications. Interested in ramping up quickly? Use MultiCall preconfigured applications, which include: screen pops, voice pops, automatic call-back, Web “call me,” skills-based routing and reporting, and several other useful call center applications.
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