MultiCall Designer
MultiCall Designer is a graphical, object-oriented, rapid application development tool for designing and implementing MultiCall scenarios in the call center. MultiCall Designer

MultiCall Designer
MultiCall Designer harnesses the power of MultiCall Server to deliver just the scenario you need for any given call handling requirement. And MultiCall Designer is so easy to use you can quickly create numerous variations to adapt to changes in your databases, personnel or the marketing department.
How do they do that?
Each step in the MultiCall is described by an Action Block, which is a graphical representation of a call event. Once youve decided what you want to do with a call, all you do is drag the Action Block you want onto the workspace and connect it to the previous or next Action Block. Each Action Block includes all the parameters required to define a step in the MultiCall and automatically documents each command. With MultiCall Designer you can develop just about any call scenario you can dream up.
For easy integration, the Action Blocks are divided into the following types:
  • Computer-telephony integration ( CTI) e.g. Make call, Answer Call
  • Database e.g. Get Record
  • Communications: TCP/IP, RS232 e.g. Send and Receive
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) e.g., Record Call, Get Digits
  • General Functions e.g. IfThen, Branch To
  • External Programs e.g. Call DLL, Call Executable/OS command
  • Powerful object-oriented toolkit for rapid applications development
  • Graphical MultiCall design for ease-of-use
  • Object-oriented Action Blocks for speed and flexibility
  • Drag and Drop User Interface
  • Self-documenting commands
System Highlights
  • Windows 2000/XP operating system
  • Multi-threading architecture
  • Support for standard APIs
  • Open architecture
  • TSAPI CTI link
  • ODBC/SQL database access
  • TCP/IP, RS-232 communications
  • Integrated CTI and IVR
  • Integrated voice processing menus for: digit collection
  • Queue position announcements
  • Built-in error checker
  • Online help
Preconfigured Call Center Applications
Preconfigured call center applications are available from MultiCall, including:
  • Intelligent call routing for enhanced PBX/ACD routing
  • Intelligent call distribution-to support the informal call center
  • Intelligent outbound dialling/call-back/call blending
  • WebConnex for Web-initiated call me requests
  • Wide area CTI for distributed call centers
  • Fully featured interactive voice response unit
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