Intelligent Call Distribution
For many years, large corporations have been relying on call centers to conduct business over the phone. Smaller businesses and departments of large organizations could not justify the investment in and operating costs of a "formal" call center.
Typically, in a small business or department a group of employees handles telephone calls on an "as needed" basis as part of their job rather than full time. MultiCall-ICD provides a cost effective solution for operating an "informal" call center to handle workgroup telephony tasks.
MultiCall-ICD allows members in a workgroup to handle telephone calls on an "as needed" basis using:
  • Windows user interface Workgroup members perform their telephony job, including login / logout from their PC. An incoming call is routed to the memberís phone and the appropriate application is launched at the agentís desktop with the caller record (screen pop). After handling the call, the virtual agent returns to his regular business until needed again. Basic agent telephony functions, such as request supervisor assistance and transfer call are also available from the screen.
  • Simple telephone set Unlike "formal" call center equipment, MultiCall-ICD agents do not require expensive "smart" phones and may work with any simple telephone set.
  • Skill based call routing Each workgroup member is registered with a set of skills. As a call enters the incoming queue, MultiCall searches for a member with the appropriate skill set to handle it. If there is more than one qualified member, the call will be routed to the group member with the least "talk time" in a specified period (last hour, last day, etc.).
  • Service priority Unlike "formal" call centers where agents equally share the workload, a workgroup may include members of different ranks. MultiCall-ICD lets higher ranking group members handle less telephone calls by allocating them a lower service priority.
In addition to MultiCall-ICD, informal call centers may also use other MultiCall applications to manage both inbound and outbound calls intelligently:
  • MultiCall-ICR Intelligent call routing
  • MultiCall-IOD Outbound dialling in Preview, Progressive or Predictive modes
  • Call blending
  • Abandoned call call-back
  • MultiCall WebConnex Web "call me" application
MultiCall-ICD provides call center functionality to smaller businesses and departments of large corporations. The ability to handle calls by workgroup telephony with an "informal" call center will result in improved customer service, increased call capacity and clearer management information.
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