Inveractive Voice Response
An IVR gives your customers faster response and more choices. They can obtain information immediately and anytime from anywhere. Or they can wait for an agent, who can give specific answers or take an order. They can even leave a message asking for a return call -- with an IVR, the customer controls where he wants to go.
So how does it help your business?
A properly configured, or scripted, IVR gets callers to a preferred agent more quickly. By using the IVR to filter a customerís needs, your agents will spend less time on the call, increasing productivity and controlling staffing costs - and that improves your bottom line.
For example, the help desk group for a software company could configure MultiCall Server to monitor the calls coming into its service desk. When the number of calls in queue reached a preset threshold, MultiCall Server would initialize MultiCall IVR to add home based agents into the system. MultiCall IVR would call the home agents, prompt them to enter their user ID number into the system and verify their authenticity. Once the agents were logged in, they would receive screen pops and service calls via MultiCall Server.
How do they do that?
Interactive voice response scripts are developed with MultiCall Designer, a graphical user interface tool for rapid application development. Using action blocks, - graphical representations of call events - you can easily design the sequences that will prompt a customer for information and manage the call based on the customerís inputs. Just drag and drop the action blocks to create any MultiCall scenario.
Why MultiCall IVR?
Because itís built right in to our server, you can direct a caller to the IVR, get the call back without the caller losing their place in queue and without losing important information about the call. Because we know that an effective call management system benefits greatly from the efficiency of an IVR. Because it will give your customers control over their call and make them happier. And because it will make your agents or call-handling specialists more productive, relieving them of information queries and tasks that can be handled before personal attention is required.
  • Scaleable from 4 to 240 ports on every PC server
  • Works with analog, digital and IP trunks
  • Multi-lingual phonetics (numbers, time, date)
  • Fully Integrated CTI
  • Extensive monitoring and tracing
  • On-demand script execution (DID, time, parameter or application driven)
  • Supports many telephony protocols as CAS, ETS300, QSIG and ISUP SS7
  • Supports SIP and H.323 IP protocols
System Highlights
  • Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 operating system
  • Multi-threading architecture
  • Support for standard APIs
  • Open architecture
  • TSAPI CTI links
  • ODBC/SQL database access
  • TCP/IP, RS-232 communications
  • Integrated CTI and IVR
  • Integrated voice processing menus
  • Queue position announcements
  • Built-in error checker
  • Online help
Preconfigured Call Center Applications
Preconfigured call center applications are available as a part of MultiCall, including:
  • Intelligent call routing for enhanced PBX/ACD routing
  • Intelligent call distribution-to support the informal call center
  • Intelligent outbound dialling/call-back/call blending
  • Wide area CTI for distributed call centers
  • Fully featured interactive voice response unit
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