Customer care and retention is increasingly becoming a key issue for most companies in today's competitive market place where customers demand immediate access to information and efficiency of response. The Internet offers customers a new communications channel into the call center. The challenge for businesses is to leverage their existing investment in a corporate presence on the Web into a round-the-clock, revenue-generating storefront or state-of-the-art customer support center.
Many companies have moved well beyond simply posting brochures and marketing collateral on their Web-sites; they now offer transaction-based services most often complemented as a self-service function. However, self-service ordering and automated delivery services are not sufficient for many people who either prefer to speak to a live operator or are uncomfortable providing sensitive information such as credit card or Social Security numbers over the Internet. Just as people need a way to access an operator when they get frustrated with the complex menu system of a voice response unit (VRU), customers will need a way to access a live person when they are concerned about completing a transaction on a Web site.
The next generation product suite "MultiCall" meets the needs of an increasingly complex customer interaction and e-commerce environment. It integrates Web-based contact into the call center by providing a "call-me" button that triggers either a traditional phone call or a voice-over-IP (VoIP) response. VoIP, or Internet telephony, allows a customer to initiate an IP-based telephone call through their PC to the call center.
MultiCall not only Unifies all of the technologies and systems of the contact center into one manageable system but also provides the framework and foundation necessary for traditional call centers to transform themselves into multifunctional, multi channel contact centers. In the generic sense, MultiCall is a term connoting a business customer interaction that occurs through all forms of electronic media, including voice, VoIP, facsimile & imaging, e-mail, web, e-commerce and internet telephony. The Client/Server architecture of MultiCall eliminates the need for a separate management infrastructure, making it very cost effective to incorporate into the business environment.
Business Benefits
1. Improved quality of Service, customer intimacy & retention.
2. Opportunities for proactive selling based on real-time information
3. Speedy delivery of timely & relevant information
4. Track media demand and network utilization for all media types
5. Cut down queue time and telecommunication costs
6. Manage the flows of queues and service levels for all media types.
7. Personalize the e-commerce and e-services experience for every customer, every time.
8. Turn web site browsers into buyers - provide customer with assistance at their point of greatest need via. Multimedia-enhanced, display-and-tell interactions.
9. Reduced sales cycles - by enabling representatives to deliver web-based presentations and product demonstrations directly from their desktops.
10. Foster a reputation for being an easy company to do business with.
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